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3 Steps To Open Yourself Up To Receiving More by Connie Chapman – Make The World Move

While it is incredibly powerful to pour your energy in to taking action towards your dream, there is another practice we must master if we want to manifest all that we desire. There is a beautiful balance that needs to be achieved between the output of doing energy where we sow the seeds of our dreams, and then the consequent receiving period where we sit back and allow ourselves to reap the rewards. In a society heavily focused on action, many of us have mastered the first part of the process. But where I see a lot of people...

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Relationships Are Our Greatest Teachers by Connie Chapman – Make The World Move

For many years I found being in a relationship really challenging. So, at times I decided it was much easier for me to be on my own. It wasn’t until I learnt to really embrace and open up to what I was learning in relationships, that I began to see the challenges as an opportunity to learn so much about myself. For many of us, relationships cause our ‘stuff’ to come up. Our insecurities rise to the surface, our buttons get pushed and aspects of our personality, be it a controlling nature or a jealous streak, seem to be...

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Let Your Feeling Be Your Guide by Connie Chapman – Make The World Move

I want you to stop for a moment and imagine what life would be like if you let your feeling be your guide. Now, when I say feeling don’t mean your emotions. I don’t mean those reactive up’s and down’s that we often experience. Rather, I am referring to your inner feeling. Your true feeling. That sense of knowing that arises within you. That deep feeling of love you feel to do or experience something. The sensation that bubbles within you that needs to be expressed or you feel you will explode. What if you let that feeling be...

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This Moment Is The Doorway To All You Seek by Connie Chapman – Make The World Move

This moment now, is the most important moment you have. In fact, it is the only moment you have. But how often do we skip over our ‘now’ in pursuit of something better? Or how often are we not even conscious or aware of this present moment because we are caught up in the thoughts in our head that pull us in to the past or future? Living presently seems so simple that our mind overlooks the power of it. Other things seem more enticing, shiny and interesting. What we are seeking always seems to be somewhere else. Not here....

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Acceptance Is The Key To Happiness by Connie Chapman – Make The World Move

If I was to say to you that accepting where you are, who you have become and what is currently unfolding in your life is the key to you experiencing a deep sense of happiness and fulfillment, how would you feel? Would you be relieved to know that it is all a lot less complicated than you had been making it out to be? Or would you be disappointed? Perhaps the idea of acceptance seems a little boring. After all there is thrill in the chase, and our endless searching for happiness tends to bring a sense of purpose...

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The Battle Between Head And Heart by Connie Chapman – Make The World Move

Many of my coaching clients come to me feeling confused about what it is that they want for themselves. They feel they don’t know what their passion is, what they would love to do with their life or which path to take. I must be honest and admit that I believe all of us know on some level what it is that we truly desire. I don’t feel that the problem lies in actually discovering what it is that we love, but more so in giving ourselves the permission to actually listen to that voice which is calling at...

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What Are You Seeking and Why? by Connie Chapman – Make The World Move

Many of us spend a lot of time seeking things in the external world. We seek out jobs, relationships, money, friends, material possessions etc. We do this because we feel that getting these things will make us happy. When we feel an inner sense of emptiness or discontent inside of us we will seek out something in the external world to fix it.  This is because we have happiness backwards. We think the internal experience of happiness comes from having things in the outside world that make us happy True happiness is a sense of contentment, fulfilment and joy...

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Are You Giving Your Power Away? by Connie Chapman – Make The World Move

All of your power lies within you, and nothing in the external world has any power, unless you decide it does.  When I talk about power, I do not mean force, control and manipulation. I am talking about true, authentic power. This type of power comes from knowing who you really are and remembering that the external world is only a reflection of your internal state. When you feel that your freedom, happiness and ability to follow your heart is being restricted by something outside of you, you have given your power away. For example, your heart may call...

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Jump Off The Emotional Roller Coaster by Connie Chapman – Make The World Move

Life doesn’t have to be an emotional rollercoaster, but sometimes we create it that way. Admit it, you love the drama. We all do. However, sometimes the constant flux of up and down gets a bit tiring and eventually we start craving a calmer and more balanced approach to life. Most people try to eliminate the drama, by controlling external circumstances in order to make the ‘bad’ things go away. This approach just creates even more stress! The real solution does not lie in controlling the situations that cause you to feel unbalanced and then wrestling them in to...

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